We offer a wide variety of CCTV drainage inspections ranging from a simple look see to a full CCTV survey.

Look see CCTV report survey 

You see what we see - we will show and tell you exactly the status of your drainage system. 

Home buyers CCTV survey

Often when you are buying a new home the mortgage company will insist on a survey of the drains prior to releasing your money. We can provide a full written survey which includes a detailed report, photographs of our findings and a DVD of the entire survey. Sometimes this can result in savings on future maintenance and ensure you are fully aware of the conditions of your drains in your new home.

Drain Doctor North West Domestic CCTV Drain Surveys

Full CCTV report 

This type of report can be used to determine the cause of areas of damp within your home caused by leaking or broken drains.

It is often requested by your local council before you are given permission to proceed with any building works to extend your home. It will give the exact location of faults which are then photographed and included within your survey along with your DVD.

Our management team will answer any questions you may have regarding any issues found within your drainage system and will also offer advice as to the best and most effective course of action to take.